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The Train To Hunt Challenge is coming to Billings MT!  Train To Hunt is a challenge for bow hunters to put their shooting and physical skills against one another in a fun day of camaraderie and competition.  The best way to describe this event is “Spartan race meets biathlon” with your bow and arrow.  The day consists of a biathlon type race where you are running shooting and doing some exercises followed by a “hunters 3D” course where “hunting scenario” shots are employed.  If you are a bow hunter and consider yourself even semi-in shape, this is a great way to have a fun experience and a great time with like minded people.  There are team, individual, age group, and even a short kids course.  So come out to Blue Creek in May and give it a shot!  Specific course information found at  Click on “events” tab and scroll to bottom for description and videos.  Hungry for more info?  Call Dave 406-672-6510



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